Prof. Dr. JI, Mengqi 


Associate Professor

Institute of AI in

New Main Building, B1021

3D vision, intelligent perception


  • [01]

    2022.05.13: One paper is accepted by IEEE JSTSP. Surface Material Perception Through Multimodal Learning.

  • [02]

    2022.02.17: One paper is accepted by Engineering. Engram-Driven Videography.

  • [03]

    2021.09.28: One paper is accepted by IEEE TPAMI. SurRF: Unsupervised Multi-view Stereopsis by Learning Surface Radiance Field.

  • [04]

    2021.09.16: One paper is accepted by IEEE TPAMI. GigaMVS: A Benchmark for Ultra-large-scale Gigapixel-level 3D Reconstruction.

  • [05]

    2021.09.01: I will join Beihang University (BUAA) as an associate professor in December 2021!

  • [06]

    2021.02.05: One paper is accepted by IEEE TIP. Boosting Single Image Super-Resolution Learnt From Implicit Multi-Image Prior.

  • [07]

    2021.01.27: One paper is accepted by LSA (Nature Press, Cover Paper). A Modular Hierarchical Array Camera.

  • [08]

    2020.07.25: One paper is accepted by Patterns (Cell Press) to battle COVID-19!

  • [09]

    2020.05.18: One paper is accepted by  IEEE TPAMISurfaceNet+ to deal with Sparse-MVS problem.

  • [10]

    2020.05.13: One paper is accepted by Nature Machine Intelligence, VesNet to achieve Unsupervised vasculature imaging.